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Don't create the illusions, they said.

9. november 2014


Pidin kirjutama jutukese oma senisest vahetusaastast, Saksamaa Organisatsioonile, kes võimaldas mulle stipendiumi. Tegelikult ma peaksin selle veel saksa keelde tõlkima, kuigi ma arvan, et parem versioon on see:

Exchangeyear- do not create illusions, they said, but exchangestudents will create some anyway. Mine were totally crushed down after I came here.  I came to Germany with thoughts that ,,Oh, I bet it is very similar to Estonia. Same kind of people, same culture, everything is atleast 90% same. Only difference will be the language...'' Well, well, well... I was totally shocked by getting know that there is so many differences between Estonia and Germany.I can't live in Germany the way I was living in Estonia. I needed to change myself. Thats what exchangeyear is all about- change, change, constant change. But this changes may not always be pleasure ones. Sometimes, or in my case often, I need to jump over my shadow. I need to deal with problems which at first seems not to have any solution at all, but I need to believe that I can make it, that I am strong enough to finish what I have started. I can't and I won't give up, because I know that its needs to be dark, to see stars in the sky. Exchangeyear is the perfect opportunity to raise a very strong personality inside of me. Exchangeyear brings me the interest which I never had before. I started to love things and people I thought I never would. I just don't get to know different countries better, but as well myself. I may find totally new me and I might love that me even more. When I came to Germany, I wanted to start playing football and volleyball. I was excited to know that I could attend in drama club as well. After a while I tried to find many excuses to not do what i planned to start doing. I needed to change my hostfamily, which was hard for me as I had all my new friends there, but I knew that I came here to get some unique experiences. In new family i find my way to dancing and drawing. I never ever would think that I would fall in love in dancing and I don't think about discodance, but Salsa, Boogie-Woogie, Bachatta.Ofcourse, my hostfamily are dancers, but after finding out how amazing its all I knew that I will do that after exchangeyear as well. Also I never would think that I will have the passion to drawing. One morning i woke up and I realized that I can draw. I guess I found new me and I am sure that I will change more. I discovered new countries, like France and Austria. I saw the first time in my life the mountains and I am still totally amazed by them. I have had opportunities to meet new people who are in some areas famous as well and they are now my friends. I don't get well only with my-age people, but older people as well. In one hand, I go to school as a student and in the other hand I communicate and spend time with many adults. I started to understand different religions more than I used to. I studied their way of thinking and got amazed by that. I got more patient by using low mobile internet.I began to appreciate the time with family and  learned that eating together everyday is an amazing opportunity to hold familyconnection stronger, because in Estonia people usually doesen't eat together with family, but I will definetely change that as I go back to home. There is up and downs, obviously, but whose life doesen't have them. Strong people will survive and I choose to be strong, because You gave me the best opportunity for that. You gave me the opportunity to catch my dream, to come and have one of the best years in my life. Exchangeyear.

lilleke rohus

sorri kvaliteedi pärast. Cathedrale Prantsusmaal





Go as far as you see and then you see even farther


No, it is not Germany. It is actually FRANCE. (Strasbourg)

Do u know what place is that?

If you dont, Shame on you! It is European Parliament

still in France



Those amazing trees

Good-Bye France! It was nice to meet you. We'll see again!

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